Future Business Ventures is a small company formed by U.S. Veterans who have seen people which through birth or life crisis have Special Needs. Our mission is to provide products and support to families, teachers, therapists and organizations working with Special Needs Children and to provide employment for U.S. Veterans and the Elderly. To meet this mission, Future Business Ventures established two divisions, Funtastic Learning Toys, and Special Needs Toys Online to provide products for Special Needs children.

Special Needs Toys Online (SNTO)
Activities focused on Basic Life Skills, Physical Development, Sensory Stimulation, and Self-Esteem

Funtastic Learning Toys (FLT)
Products centered on supplemental resources to enhance learning for Special Needs Students

Future Business Ventures is also involved in other community support projects. To learn more about these Community Support Projects - Visit our Future Business Ventures website.